On occasion you can find yourself wondering down a strange path in the middle of the woods and you're unsure as to how you even ended up in said woods. But, you remind yourself that life is full of surprises, and nothing odd can be of this; in the back of your mind you frantically try to persuade yourself that this is just a dream and you will wake up shortly.
A small hand rests on your shoulder, you never heard anybody approach. You whip your head around, panic showing on your face as you realize nobody was there. Your breath quickens and you turn around and begin to walk forward, quickly, on the mysterious path. Your footsteps make no sound, in fact, nothing can be heard aside from your breathing and the uneaven beating of your heart.
You feel the sensation of being watched, it prickles on your back and you dart a glance behind your back every few seconds and can see nothing aside from the looming evergreen trees and the small indents your feet have left in the pine needles that litter the forest floor. You shiver, your pace quickening, before you realize that there is a small shaft of light seeping through the densely packed branches that block your view of the sky. You walk cautiously into the light and look up, shocked to find that it is night and not a single star can be seen.

This page is a very big WIP.

Rium | 16 | INTP-T | 4w5 | Chaotic Neutral | Pisces